Thursday, 2 June 2011

Review: In The Arms Of Stone Angels by Jordan Dane

In The Arms Of Stone Angels by Jordan Dane
Publication Date: 22 March 2011
Publisher: Harlequinn Teen
Pages: 313
Format: eBook
Source: Harlequinn Teen via NetGalley
Genre: Murder Mystery, Young Adult
Rating: 5 out 5


Two years ago, Brenna did the unthinkable. She witnessed the aftermath of a murder and accused her only true friend--the first boy she ever loved--of being a killer.

Now sixteen, Brenna returns to Oklahoma only to discover that Isaac "White Bird" Henry isn't in juvie. The half-breed outcast is in a mental hospital, frozen in time, locked in his mind at the worst moment of his life. And when Brenna touches him, she's pulled into his hellish vision quest, seeing terrifying demons and illusions she doesn't understand.

Feeling isolated and alone, she's up against the whole town, targeted by bullying former classmates, a bigoted small town sheriff, and a tribe who refuses to help one of their own. But when Brenna realizes she's as trapped by the past as White Bird is, this time she won't turn her back on him. She's the only one who can free them both.

Even if she has to expose her secret--a "gift" she's kept hidden her whole life.

My Thoughts:

I have had this book sitting in my To Be Reviewed pile for quite some time, and I have to say I wish I'd read it sooner.  This book was amazing.  I was completely hooked from the first page.

What I liked about this book was the fact the we got the murder mystery element straight away. There was no beating about the bush, their we are standing at the side of Brenna witnessing White Bird standing over the body of a young girl.

Did he do it or didn't he? Jordan Dane keeps the reader guessing all the way through this book.  There are plenty of red herrings in this book to keep you guessing. I don't have a favourite character in this book, as they all compliment each other. There were times in this book when I found myself wanting to scream out loud, thats how engrossed I was in the story.

Jordan Dane has created a book that is joy to read. I highly recommend this book. If you haven't read it, you really need to.  If this review has convinced you, then take a look at the book trailer.

Book Trailer:

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