Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Topic - Book Series

I've just finished watching a video by Karen, from the ocdaboutbooks blog, on her youtube channel where she talks about chapters in books and whether we preferred long or short chapters, and it got me think about books in a series.

So my question is if you are reading a book and its part of a series, do you read the whole series back to back or do you take a break from it to read something else. Another part of this question is do you tend to wait till you have the first two books in the series or do you re-read them as the other books are released.

My answer to this would be that I tend to collect all the books before I read them and then I will only read one or two books in the series, before I take a break and read something else.

Love to hear what you think?

So till the next time - Happy Reading

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  1. It depends. I actually do all that! I collect the books & than read one after the other or read the complete series (usually when it's trilogy). It all depends on how hooked I am ;) The thing is, waiting sucks :( I have also re-read a book before reading the sequel & I have read the sequel without re-reading the previous book. A new thing I started to do is that I've read a few 1st books in series that I've loved & although the 2nd books are out, I decided to wait for the last book (trilogies again) & than I'll read the series back to back, including the 1st book! So, I do everything :) In the end, it depends on my mood!


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